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Some international airlines operate direct flights to Cape Town, but most international flights land at Johannesburg (Oliver Tambo International airport). A connecting local flight to Cape Town International airport may therefore be required to get to Cape Town. A local flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town takes 2 hours. Allow for at least two hours between flights if a local flight will be undertaken from Johannesburg to Cape Town to get through immigration and customs. Three low cost airlines fly from Oliver Tambo International airport to Cape Town International airport, and it is worth comparing prices:

It is always best to compare prices before buying with the other domestic airline operators:

Travel from airport

Cape Town International airport is approximately 35 km from Stellenbosch, and the best way to get from the airport to Stellenbosch is a shuttle service. A shuttle service should cost about 20 Euro. It is best to change money at the airport before departing for Stellenbosch. provides transfers to and from the airport to Stellenbosch, as well as other information regarding backpackers in the area.