Africacrypt 2009, South Africa, May 03-06 Pictures from South Africa

Accepted Papers


A New RSA-Based Signature Scheme
Sven Schäge, Jörg Schwenk

Fair Blind Signatures without Random Oracles
Georg Fuchsbauer, Damien Vergnaud

Fair Partially Blind Signatures
Markus Rückert, Dominique Schröder


Parallel Shortest Lattice Vector Enumeration on Graphics Cards
Jens Hermans, Michael Schneider, Johannes Buchmann, Frederik Vercauteren, Bart Preneel

Flexible Partial Enlargement to Accelerate Gröbner Basis Computation over F2
Johannes Buchmann, Daniel Cabarcas, Jintai Ding, Mohamed Saied Emam Mohamed

Factoring RSA Modulus using Prime Reconstruction from Random Known Bits
Subhamoy Maitra, Santanu Sarkar, Sourav Sen Gupta


Proofs of Restricted Shuffles
Björn Terelius, Douglas Wikström

Batch Range Proof For Practical Small Ranges
Kun Peng, Feng Bao

Optimistic Fair Priced Oblivious Transfer
Alfredo Rial, Bart Preneel


Information-Theoretically Secure Key-Insulated Multireceiver Authentication Codes
Takenobu Seito, Tadashi Aikawa, Junji Shikata, Tsutomu Matsumoto

Simple and Communication Complexity Efficient Almost Secure and Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Schemes
Yvo Desmedt, Stelios Erotokritou, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini

Communication Efficient Perfectly Secure VSS and MPC in Asynchronous Networks with Optimal Resilience
Arpita Patra, Ashish Choudhury, C. Pandu Rangan

Elliptic curves

Avoiding Full Extension Field Arithmetic in Pairing Computations
Craig Costello, Colin Boyd, Juan Manuel González Nieto, Kenneth Koon-Ho Wong

ECC2K-130 on Cell CPUs
Joppe W. Bos, Thorsten Kleinjung, Ruben Niederhagen, Peter Schwabe

Side-channel attacks and fault attacks

Practical Improvements of Profiled Side-Channel Attacks on a Hardware Crypto-Accelerator
M. Abdelaziz Elaabid, Sylvain Guilley

Differential Fault Analysis of HC-128
Aleksandar Kircanski, Amr M. Youssef

Fresh Re-Keying: Security against Side-Channel and Fault Attacks for Low-Cost Devices
Marcel Medwed, François-Xavier Standaert, Johann Großschädl, Francesco Regazzoni

Public-key encryption

Strong Cryptography from Weak Secrets: Building Efficient PKE and IBE from Distributed Passwords
Xavier Boyen, Céline Chevalier, Georg Fuchsbauer, David Pointcheval

Efficient Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption
Sherman S.M. Chow, Jian Weng, Yanjiang Yang, Robert H. Deng

Public-Key Encryption with Non-Interactive Opening: New Constructions and Stronger Definitions
David Galindo, Benoît Libert, Marc Fischlin, Georg Fuchsbauer, Anja Lehmann, Mark Manulis, Dominique Schröder

Keys and PUFs

Flexible Group Key Exchange with On-Demand Computation of Subgroup Keys
Michel Abdalla, Céline Chevalier, Mark Manulis, David Pointcheval

Quantum readout of Physical Unclonable Functions
Boris Škorić

Ciphers and hash functions

Parallelizing the Camellia and SMS4 Block Ciphers
Huihui Yap, Khoongming Khoo, Axel Poschmann

Improved Linear Differential Attacks on CubeHash
Shahram Khazaei, Simon Knellwolf, Willi Meier, Deian Stefan

Cryptanalysis of the 10-Round Hash and Full Compression Function of SHAvite-3-512
Praveen Gauravaram, Gaëtan Leurent, Florian Mendel, María Naya-Plasencia, Thomas Peyrin, Christian Rechberger, Martin Schläffer