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Logo CIMPA CIMPA (International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics) is a non-profit international organization established in Nice (France) in 1978. Its aim is to promote international cooperation in higher education and research in mathematics and related subjects, particularly computer science, for the benefit of developing countries.
Logo Nanoteq Nanoteq specialises in the design, development and supply of custom cryptographic products, solutions and services designed to protect information classified secret and higher. Cryptographic protection of information is offered on different transfer mediums ranging from high-speed data to satellite to mobile and on a variety of platforms ranging form normal office use to military hardened to flight-certified. The target markets are local and international government departments such as the military, intelligence, law enforcement and other users of sensitive information. Academic and hands-on training in applied cryptography are also available to our clients.
Logo Prism Prism, a subsidiary of NET1 UEPS Technologies, Inc., is a Trusted Transactions company that develops innovative payment-centric products, solutions and services that enable and process secure electronic transactions. Prism operates mainly within the telecommunications, banking, retail, petroleum and utilities sectors.
NET1 provides chip card technologies and systems such as its Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) to establish a secure and affordable transacting channel between formal businesses and the un-banked and under-banked populations of developing economies.
Logo Tellumat Tellumat Defence has four specialised business units, namely Radar, Navigation, Identification and Tactical Communications. Laingsdale, another division of Tellumat specialises in precision mechanical engineering aimed at the mechanical fuse and safe-&-arm device markets.
Competencies within Tellumat Defence include project management, system engineering, product development, industrialisation, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, logistic support and quality assurance, supported by an ISO 9001:2000 certification.
The Identification business unit supplies integrated IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) interrogator, transponder & cryptographic products and systems (including National Identification Systems) for land, airborne and naval use.
The Tactical Communication business unit provides systems such as real-time, low latency analogue and encrypted digital data links for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), fixed and rotary wing aircraft and terrestrial applications.